Podcasts combines digital storytelling, impactful youth voices reflective of the BLUES experienced by youth raised in marginalized communities and impacted by the Carceral State.

Respect for Community


Black Youth Mental Health

Black Youth Mental Health Resources King County provides publicly funded mental health services to low-income people in need. To find out if you qualify for King County Mental Health Services, contact us. If you do not qualify for our mental health services, you can find out about other low-cost mental health service providers. Health isContinue reading “Black Youth Mental Health”


Summer program sponsored by Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation, SEEK Grant, funded with support from the Associated Recreation Council “LeaderShift cohort, led by http://www.Bembryconsulting.com. Youth Cohort Rec-n-Tha-Hood, a metaphor for if you’re not improving the hood you are wrecking it. These young leaders are our future, we never know what the future holds forContinue reading “Rec-N-Tha-Hood”

What is the Carceral State

Summary What is the Carceral State – The negative impact or interface within the criminal justice system – A discussion of the challenges faced by the hidden victims. Who are the Victims?  Who are the hidden victims? Mothers,  Fathers, Husbands Wives, Children, Friends, and Extended Family Members What are the Challenges? Incarceration, Over-prosecution, Loss ofContinue reading “What is the Carceral State”

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Reo Bembry

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